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  • Healthcare Consumerism is Remaking the Industry as We Know It
    by Matt Heidelbaugh, Executive Managing Director, Tenant Advisory Services When I was a kid, healthcare was a lot more centralized than it is today. If you became seriously ill or needed surgery, you went to the local hospital. After all, that was your only option. Today, you have a lot more choice in... Read more »
  • Proactive Strategies to Promote Tenant Satisfaction
    By Christy Means-Vasiliou Christy Means-Vasiliou, Managing Director of Asset Services in Dallas, shares her perspective on tenant satisfaction and working with demanding tenants. Christy’s comments were featured in the November/December issue of BOMA Magazine in the “Keeping Tenants Happy” feature article.  How do you proactively address more demanding tenants? You start at the... Read more »
  • Reinvesting in the Dallas Community
    Employees in Cushman & Wakefield’s Dallas office recently helped build a house in south Dallas’ Bonton community. by Meg Costa The Dallas Chapter of Cushman & Wakefield Future Leaders (CWFL) is on a mission to develop leaders who are committed to character, excellence, and service. As part of our commitment to service... Read more »
  • Veterans’ Voices: Corporal Tom Dowd
    U.S. Marine Corps Dates Served: Sept 1987 – Aug 1992 Section Leader – Stationed with 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, 2nd MARDIV – Camp Lejeune, NC During his military service, Corporal Tom Dowd received three Certificates of Commendation: one as Section Leader for 60mm mortar section during live fire exercises in Bridgeport, CA; one... Read more »
  • Veterans’ Voices: Patriot Systems Operator Thomas Cherry
    U.S. Army Dates Employed May 2004 – February 2006 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade – 14 Tango, PATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer During his career, Thomas Cherry received the National Defense Service Medal for his service in the Global War on Terrorism.   THE MILITARY IS AN EXPERIENCE THAT WILL ALWAYS STAY WITH YOU I... Read more »
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